The SES Oil Dissolver



The new and powerful Oil Dissolver invented by S.E.S, is based on herbal formulas to improve quality of life,



SES Disolver


Operation mechanism



The Herbal formula consists of active substances that are friendly to man and the environment, extracted from non-toxic medicinal herbs.




Water Purification (WP)

About Us

 Saisanket Technologies Ltd. is engaged in developments and inventions of herbal formulas to address quality of life and the environment.

Saisanket Technologies Ltd. is involved in the following areas:

Environment and Industry.


This letter refers to a new development: Herbal formula for Water Purification with

an Organic sediment load and bacterial and microbial decontamination.

The above formula consists of herbal ingredients, friendly to humans and the environment and all components are non-toxic.

The formula components are also used as ingredients in food supplements and in medicine and cosmetics and are permitted for use in humans.


General components of the formula:

Sodium, Trafinim, Linhul, Sinaol, Chatterley, Magnesium, Potassium, Chlorophyll, Cobalt and Mineral.


All the components themselves are produced in unique methods from plant extracts only.

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